United India Health Plan 2023 benefits, Feature and Renew

United India Health Plan 2023: United India Insurance Company is a well-known general insurer in India. The insurance company offers individual health plans with a variety of benefits, including Ayush treatment coverage and hospital cost reimbursement. United India insurance plans provide policyholders with a variety of health insurance benefits. United India Insurance Company Limited is a market leader in health insurance solutions. They also provide auto, marine, fire, personal accident, and rural insurance. Across the country, they have 661 branch offices and 30 regional offices. Among the various United India Health Insurance policies are Family Medicare, Gold, Individual Mediclaim, Platinum, Senior Citizen, Super Topup, Topup, UNI Criticare, and Workmen Medicare Policy.

United India Health Plan is the world’s largest private healthcare provider, serving over 190 million people in 15 countries. The United India Health Plan, with over 550 hospitals and clinics, is a one-stop shop for all of your healthcare needs. The United India Health Plan covers everything from preventive care to full-service hospitalisation. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about this well-known healthcare provider.

United India Health Insurance Plan 2023

Joined India Insurance is an excellent option for purchasing a medical insurance policy. Joined India Protection has been effectively taking care of the various insurance needs of clients for the previous couple of many years. It offers reasonable, broad inclusion health care coverage contracts that provide added monetary security in the event of a health related crisis. By investing in Joined India medical coverage, you can ensure financial dependability when you need it the most.

The United India Health Plan (UIHP) is the largest private healthcare network in India. We provide a wide range of health services, such as medical advice, diagnostic tests and treatments, surgery, and specialised care. We also provide a variety of insurance plans to meet a variety of needs and budgets. If you want high-quality healthcare at a reasonable cost, UIHP is the way to go.

United India Health Plan Specifications

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Concerning the United India Health Plan

Joined India Insurance Agency Restricted is a well-known insurance provider in India with international recognition and impact. It was established as a corporation in 1938 and figured out how to nationalise itself as an Overall Protection Company in 1972. Following that, it merged with 12 Indian Insurance Agencies, 4 Agreeable Protection Social orders, Indian activities of 5 Unfamiliar Safety net providers, and General Protection tasks of India’s southern district of Life coverage Enterprise.

Today, the organisation employs 14,000 people who work in 2,276 locations to provide protection to its 1.74 crore policyholders. Individual plans, family floater plans, senior resident plans, basic disease plan, top-up plan, and gathering health care coverage are all offered by Unified India Medical coverage in order to meet the medical services needs of various client segments. The safety net provider has seen astounding growth in the long run by providing mind-blowing items and client care.

Characteristics of United India’s health insurance schemes

United India health insurance schemes are among the most popular options for health insurance in India. These plans provide comprehensive health coverage for individuals, family members, and employers. They are also one of India’s most affordable health insurance options. In this post, we’ll go over the benefits of United India health insurance plans and recommend which one is best for you.

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The following highlights are included in India’s health care coverage plans:

  • The plans allow for inclusion of a single person as well as his family.
  • You will also receive free health check-ups after a certain period of time.
  • If you don’t make claims in a strategy year, the organisation rewards you as a no case reward. This reward could be an increase in the inclusion level or a reduction in the recharging premium.
  • Under Joined India health care coverage, there may also be discretionary inclusion benefits.
  • All Unified health care coverage plans are inexhaustible long haul Premium limits are additionally accessible under Joined India’s wellbeing plans, which aid in cost-cutting.

Highlights of United India Health Insurance

Factor Details
Health insurance plans Ten unique health insurance plans
Special health insurance plans
  • Senior Citizen plan
  • UNI Criticare
  • Workmen Medicare policy
E-services offered
  • Policy renewal through mobile
  • Payment status verification online
  • Instant policy renewal on official website
Branch offices 1,340 offices
Incurred claims ratio (2016-17) 138.51%
Network hospitals More than 7,000 hospitals

Benefits provided by United India health insurance schemes

Do you understand the coverage benefits provided by United India health insurance schemes? If not, continue reading for detailed information on the various types of coverage available under these schemes. Also, learn about the various benefits and features provided by each scheme.

Joined India Protection provides a variety of health care coverage plans with various inclusions and benefits. A portion of the frequently discovered inclusion benefits under Joined India Protection Mediclaim plans are as follows –

Coverage benefit What it covers
Hospitalization costs This advantage takes care of the costs brought about on room lease, ICU room lease, specialist’s charges, attendant’s expense, treatment costs, prescriptions, blood, and so on when you are hospitalize in a clinic for 24 hours or more
Pre-hospitalization expenses can be a specialist’s counsel costs, drugs, demonstrative tests, and so on.
Post-hospitalization Under this inclusion, the costs which are caused subsequent to being released from the medical clinic are covered.
Ambulance charges Emergency vehicle charges are caused when you are being taken to a medical clinic for therapies.
Domiciliary treatments In the event that you need to take medicines at your own home in light of the fact that a clinic bed was not accessible or on the grounds that you were in no condition to be moved to an emergency clinic, such medicines would be covered under most health care coverage plans.
AYUSH treatments In the event that you benefit of medicines through non-allopathic means like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and so forth you can get inclusion under numerous health care coverage plans.
Organ donor expenses On the off chance that you are going through an organ relocate and you want an organ, the costs caused in reaping the organ from a giver would be covered under your medical coverage plan
Maternity cover Coverage for maternity is available in select health insurance plans.
Newborn baby cover A newborn baby cover is usually found in health insurance plans which allow maternity cover. Under this cover, the newborn baby is also covered under the policy from birth

United India Insurance Company provides health insurance plans.

Do you want to learn more about the coverage benefits provided by United India health insurance schemes? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll go over all of the benefits available through these schemes, as well as provide a list of what you can expect from each one. We’ll cover everything from hospitalisation to maternity care! So, whether you want a comprehensive overview of the coverage available under these schemes or simply want to know which scheme is best for you, keep reading!

Now that you understand the inclusion benefits and rejections under Joined India medical coverage designs, let us look at the various types of plans that the organisation provides –

Family Medicare Policy Revised by United India Insurance

The Unified India Reconsidered Family Federal Health Care Strategy is a comprehensive strategy that offers a tonne of inclusion remembering for patient hospitalisation, organ benefactor benefit, present day medicines, and childcare medicines. It is accessible on a Person as well as a Family Floater premise.

The following are the main components of this arrangement:

  • The arrangement conceals in-patient costs to the greatest extent possible.
  • As much as possible, ICU and ICCU convenience energises are covered.
  • Medicines for children are covered.
  • Pre-hospitalization costs are covered for up to 30 days, and post-hospitalization costs are covered for up to 60 days.
  • In-patient Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, and Unani medicines are covered.
  • As much street emergency vehicle coverage as possible is provided.
  • Under the Family Government health care plan, protected individuals over the age of 60 must pay a 10% copayment for each permissible shellfish.
  • There are discretionary covers available, such as Reclamation of Aggregate Protected, Daily Money Remittance, and Maternity and New Conceived Child cover.
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United India Insurance Revised Family Medicare Policy Eligibility Parameters:

Entry age Children – 91 days to 18 years. Children who are over 18 years of age will get coverage till they are 26 provided they are unemployed/ unmarried and dependent

Adults – 18 years to 65 years

Sum insured INR 3 lakhs, 4 lakhs, 5 lakhs, 6 lakhs, 7 lakhs, 8 lakhs, 9 lakhs, 10 lakhs, 15 lakhs and 25 lakhs
Policy duration 1 year

Individual Health Insurance Policy Revised by United India

The Unified India Changed Individual Health Care Coverage Strategy, as the name implies, offers wellbeing inclusion on a single premise. You can purchase coverage for your entire family, including yourself, your life partner, your dependent children, and your parents; however, there will be a different total protected for each part. The following are the main highlights of the arrangement:

    • The arrangement is available in three different configurations: Platinum, Gold, and Senior Resident.
    • It pays for in-patient hospitalisation.
    • Room lease, boarding, nursing, and so on are restricted to 1% of the daily aggregate protected.
    • ICU and ICCU energises are covered up to 2% of the total protected OT charges, as are costs for sedatives, oxygen, blood, and so on.
    • Individually, pre- and post-hospitalization are covered for 30 and 60 days.


  • The plan covers specialist-recommended in-home hospitalisation for more than three days.
  • Explicit modern-day medications are covered.
  • All medications for children are covered.
  • The costs of domiciliary hospitalisation are covered on a repayment basis.
  • Dental medications are covered whenever a physical problem is expected.

United India Revised Individual Health Insurance Policy Eligibility Criteria:

Entry age Platinum: 18 to 35 years

Gold: 36 to 60 years

Senior Citizen: 61 to 65 years

Sum insured Platinum: INR 2 lakhs/ 3 lakhs/ 5 lakhs/ 8 lakhs/ 10 lakhs/ 15 lakhs/ 20 lakhs

Gold: INR 2 lakhs/ 3 lakhs/ 5 lakhs/ 8 lakhs/ 10 lakhs

Senior Citizen: INR 2 lakhs/ 3 lakhs/ 5 lakhs

Policy duration 1 year

United India Insurance Company’s 2014 Family Medicare Plan & lt

This is a revised version of the Family Federal health insurance strategy that can be used to cover both yourself and your relatives. The following are the arrangement’s most eye-catching features:

  • The arrangement includes coverage for childcare medications.
  • The relatives can be protected under a single total on a floater basis.
  • If you do not make claims in your strategy, you can profit from a premium markdown of up to 15%.
  • Every three arrangement years, free health examinations are permitted.

United India Insurance Family Medicare 2014 Plan Eligibility Parameters

Entry age Children – 3 months to 18 years

Adults – 18 years to 80 years

Sum insured INR 2 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs
Policy duration 1 year

Individual Health Insurance Policy from United India Insurance

This health insurance plan allows for inclusion on a one-time basis. The scope of inclusion is extensive, and the arrangement includes the following notable highlights –

  • The arrangement includes coverage for child care and domiciliary medications.
  • You can benefit from the additional inclusion options for medical clinic daily expenses and rescue vehicle costs.
  • Platinum, Gold, and Senior residents are the three arrangement variations.
  • While the first two variations are intended for younger people, the third is typically intended for senior citizens.

United India Insurance Eligibility Criteria Personal Health Insurance Policy

Entry age Children – 3 months to 18 years


Platinum Plan – 18 years to 35 years

Gold Plan – 36 years to 60 years

Senior Citizen Plan – 61 years to 65 years

Sum insured Platinum Plan – INR 2 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs

Gold Plan – INR 2 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs

Senior Citizen Plan – INR 2 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs

Policy duration 1 year

United India Insurance Super Supplementary Plan

This plan includes supplemental health care coverage, which you can use to supplement your current coverage. You must select an aggregate guaranteed and a deductible under the agreement. If the total number of cases caused during the approach residency exceeds the chosen deductible, the arrangement will pay the excess guarantee. The following are the various components of the strategy:

  • Hospitalization costs are concealed to the selected aggregate protected.
  • You can purchase the strategy on a single or family floater basis.
  • A gathering strategy can also be used.

United India Insurance Super Top-up Plan Eligibility Criteria

Entry age Children – 3 months to 18 years

Adults – 18 years onwards

Policy duration 1 year

Claim Settlement Ratio for United India Health Insurance

In the last two years, Joined India Insurance Agency has demonstrated a favourable Case Settlement Proportion. The figures for the Guarantee Settlement Proportion of Joined India Medical coverage Organization over the previous two years are as follows:

Financial Year Claim Settlement Ratio
FY 2018-2019 79.72%
FY 2019-2020 78.03%

United India Health Plan Dos and Don’ts

Are you looking for a low-cost health insurance plan? United India Health Plan could be ideal for you! This plan includes a variety of benefits, such as health screenings and emergency services. Furthermore, signing up is simple; all you need is your ID and insurance information. In this article, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of using United India Health Plan. Are there any other points you’d like to make? Tell us in the comments!

When purchasing a health insurance policy from United India, keep the following points in mind:


  • Fill the proposition structure with all of the necessary data on a continuous basis.
  • The data in the structure is used by the insurance company to assess your risk. If the data is incorrect, you may have to deal with problems at the hour of cases.
  • Before purchasing the strategy, thoroughly read the arrangement’s benefits and terms. This would assist you with understanding what is covered and what isn’t covered
  • Choose an aggregate protected that is sufficient to cover normal clinical expenses.
  • Protect the strategy security as you would need it in an emergency.
  • Keep your arrangement record up to date with all of your new contact details and correspondence addresses.
  • Select optional covers only if they are applicable to your inclusion requirements.
  • Examine the medical clinic network in your area to see if you can benefit from credit-only case settlements.


  • Try not to provide inaccurate or out-of-date information in the proposition structure.
  • Keep nothing from the insurance company. In any case, if you have existing illnesses, include them in the proposal structure to benefit yourself.
  • inclusion Try not to let the strategy slip.
  • When the arrangement expires, the inclusion comes to an end.
  • Always recharge the arrangement before the due date so that you can appreciate consistent inclusion and benefit from deep rooted reestablishment.
  • When purchasing or restoring your health care coverage plan, keep an eye out for limitations in the approach. Limits would assist you in saving money.
  • Remember to make time claims. A perfect case implication would help you get your guarantee settlement without any issues.

How to buy a United India health insurance policy?

You can buy Joined India health insurance plans both online and offline. Protection specialists and the actual organisation sell disconnected arrangements. As a result, you can arrange a meeting with a specialist to purchase the strategy or go to one of the organization’s branches and apply for an arrangement there.

The organization’s website is where you can buy a Unified India medical coverage plan online. The organisation makes it simple for you to purchase its strategies online. You can also get the best health care coverage plan from. is a web-based platform where you can browse a wide range of medical coverage options. You can examine and select the arrangement based on your inclusion needs and budget. The following is the procedure for purchasing a Joined India medical coverage strategy online:

  • Please go to the official website.
  • Enter your nuances, which should include the accompanying –
  • Orientation\sAge
  • When the subtleties are entered, you will be given a list of the best health care coverage plans available on the market.
  • You can consider and choose the best medical coverage plan.
  • Following the selection of the arrangement, you will need to complete a web-based application structure.
  • The fees would also have to be paid online.
  • Once the expenses have been paid and the structure has been submitted, you will be able to effectively purchase the arrangement.

How do I file a claim under a United India health insurance policy?

Claims under Join India Insurance Mediclaim contracts can be filed using the case procedure established by the insurance company. To make your case, you should take the following steps –

  • When a case occurs, you should notify the insurance company or its TPA (Outsider Chairman) as soon as possible.
  • If you are going through an arranged hospitalisation, you should give the implication 3-4 days before being hospitalised.
  • However, assuming the hospitalisation is a crisis situation, notify the guarantor or TPA within 24 hours of your hospitalisation.
  • Present a pre-authorization guarantee structure to the TPA upon hospitalisation to benefit from a credit-only settlement of your case.
  • If, on the other hand, you are receiving treatment in a non-accredited medical clinic and are filing reimbursement claims, obtain the case structure from the insurance company or its TPA.
  • The case structure should then be completed and submitted to the TPA along with other relevant archives. The archives must be submitted within 15 days of your release from the emergency room.

Claims require the following documents:

Health care coverage claims require you to present a list of reports used by the insurance company to confirm and handle the cases. These are the records as follows:

  • Structure of guarantee
  • Clinic release approval
  • Expenses for doctor visits related to medicines and prescriptions purchased Clinic bills indicating
  • hospitalisation costs
  • Specialist reports detailing the nuances of the disease and the medications used
  • Bills from the pharmacy
  • Whatever other reports the insurance company expects