To recruit 10 lakh people in 18 months to fill vacancies 2024 : PM

The PMO tweeted, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the human resource situation in all government departments and ministries and directed the government to recruit one million people in mission mode in the next one and a half years.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has instructed various government departments and ministries to work in “mission mode” to recruit one million people within a year and a half. The Prime Minister’s office gave this information on Tuesday. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said that this instruction from the Prime Minister came after reviewing the human resources situation in all government departments and ministries.


The prime minister’s review meeting comes more than two months after he suggested central government secretaries take immediate action to fill vacancies in ministries and departments, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv said, quoted by the PTI Gauba news agency.

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