IIT JAM Syllabus 2023

IIT JAM Syllabus 2023 varies depending on the courses chosen by the students. IIT, Roorkee will be the governing authority for the IIT Joint Admissions Test (IIT JAM 2023) for admission to the 2-year Master of Science and other postgraduate programs offered by IITs. Candidates who wish to integrate the integrated doctoral program offered by IISc will also be able to take this test. In this article, students can check the details of the IIT JAM 2023 program for all jobs.

The Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission Test Examination Body will publish the JAM 2023 Syllabus on its official website. Candidates preparing for this entrance test should check out the IIT JAM 2023 syllabus.

According to previous year’s IIT JAM syllabus consists of 7 subjects in total, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Mathematical Statistics and Economics. The role model should not change, candidates can start preparing taking into account the role model of the previous year.

IIT JAM Syllabus

Mathematics for Economics Syllabus

Names of Chapters Topics
Preliminaries and Functions of one real variable Integration, differential equations, and difference equations
Single-variable optimization Linear programming
Linear algebra Multivariate optimization
Functions of several real variables

Indian Economy Syllabus

Names of Chapters
Indian economy before 1950 India’s labour market
Planning and Indian development Poverty
Indian economy after 1991 Inequalities in social development
Banking, finance and macroeconomic policies

Statistics for Economics Syllabus

Probability theory, Sample spaces and events, Axioms of probability and their properties, conditional probability and Bayes’ rule, independent events
Random variables and probability distributions, probability distributions, expected values and functions of random variables, properties of commonly used discrete and continuous distributions
Random sampling, Density and distribution functions for jointly distributed random variables, computing expected values of jointly distributed random variables, covariance and correlation coefficients
Point and interval estimation, estimation of population parameters using methods of moments and maximum likelihood procedures, properties of estimators, confidence intervals
Hypothesis testing, distributions of test statistics, testing hypotheses related to population parame- 32 ters, Type I and Type II errors, the power of a test, tests for comparing parameters from two samples

Macroeconomics Syllabus

Names of Chapters
National Income Accounting Growth Models
Behavioral and Technological Functions Inflation and Unemployment
Business Cycles and Economic Models Business Cycles and Economic Models (Open Economy)

Microeconomics Syllabus

Names of Chapters
Consumer theory Public goods and market failure
Production, costs with perfectly competitive markets Game theory
General equilibrium and welfare Market structure

IIT JAM Syllabus for Physics PH

Names of Chapters
Mathematical Methods Simple Oscillators
Mechanics and General Properties of Matter Modern Physics
Electricity and Magnetism Thermodynamics

IIT JAM Syllabus for Statistics

Names of Chapters
Probability Testing of Hypotheses
Random Variables Estimation
Standard Distributions Limit Theorems
Joint Distributions Sampling distributions

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