IPL Schedule 2023, Match Dates Team list, Fixtures, Venues

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IPL Schedule 2023: IPL Schedule 2023 is now in effect. According to information obtained from official sources, IPL will resume on March 31, 2023, and the last game will take place on May 29, 2023. We will attempt to provide you with a range of facts on the IPL 2023 Schedule, Venue, Date, and IPL 2023 PDF Venue using this cricket article IPL Schedule 2023 today.

The Indian Premier League calendar for 2023 could be announced soon, and it might take place between April and June of that year. The 2023 Indian Premier League schedule will soon be made public. The IPL Schedule 2023 may be set up beginning April 1, 2023, according to press reports. According to rumours, IPL 2023 could start on March 31 or April 1 and end in May or June. Although it will shortly, the IPL 2023 First Match date has not yet been set in stone for this competition.

2023 IPL Schedule

It is important to note, friends, that we are attempting to explain to you all of the latest information regarding the IPL Schedule 2023. In reality, based on what we are telling you about the IPL Schedule 2023, the IPL will take place from March 25 to March 28 this year. A total of 74 league matches will be finished by May, according to the IPL Schedule 2023. Friends, this season will be quite enjoyable for you because the IPL Schedule 2023 will allow you to watch many thrilling matches. The start date for the event may be in March or April, however those aren’t the official dates just yet. The 10 teams competing in the IPL 2023 are the Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Gujarat Titans, Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings, Delhi Capitals, and Lucknow Super Giants. The statement states that IPL 2023 would start at the end of March 2023.

There will be twelve teams competing, including the Gujarat Titans, champions of the previous season. In December of the previous year, teams bid against one another for fresh players. The IPL’s upcoming season will include more games than the one before it, and instead of just being staged in Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad, there will be contests all throughout India. This time, a double-round robin style will be used for the competition. As a result, each group will play two other groups during the league round. Final standings will determine which four teams advance to the playoffs.

IPL 2023 Details

IPL 2023 Details
League Name Indian Premier League 2023
Host Country India
Administrator Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)
IPL Chairman Brijesh Patel
IPL Schedule 2023 Timing 25th March 2023 to 28th May 2023 (Expected)
IPL 2023 Start Date 25th March 2023 (Expected)
Category Sports
Date of Opening Match 25 March 2023 (Expected)
No. of Participants Team 10
Total no. of Matches to be played 74
Current winner of IPL Gujrat Titans (GT)
IPL 2023 Match Venues
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata
  • Punjab
  • Jaipur
  • Ahmedabad
BCCI Official Website www.bcci.tv
Official Website iplt20.com

About the Indian Premier League 2023

After winning the IPL championship, many teams over the past ten years have gone on to win the world championship. The Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Rajasthan Royals are a few of the most well-known teams to have won the IPW. These teams continue to inspire supporters locally and globally with their pursuit of victory, and their success has improved the popularity of Indian cricket as a whole.

  • In 2023, the Indian Premier League (IPL) will be back. The schedule for the 2023 event has already been decided by the IPL board.
  • There will be eight cities across India where the IPL will be played. Nagpur, Chennai, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, Guwahati, Mumbai, and Delhi are a few among these.
  • Live coverage of IPL games will be available on a number of international television channels. As an illustration, Star Sports will broadcast IPL games both in India and in other nations like Australia and Africa. The league will begin in March and run through May.
  • The IPL will continue to be played in a Twenty20 format, as it has in previous seasons.
  • Fans can now anticipate another thrilling season of the top league following the release of the 2023 schedule.

IPL 2023 schedule new team

Official sources have acquired information on the final cricket match of the IPL. The Indian Premier League will now have ten teams in 2023 as opposed to eight the previous year. The IPL 2023 new team claims that it’s also important to note that big cricketers take part in the IPL every year.

According to information obtained via the citing of official sources, the IPL, or Indian Premier League, cricket match that will be ended in the year 2023 will now be completed by 10 teams rather than eight, meaning that this time 10 teams will participate than before. Also, you should be aware that the IPL 2023 new team reports that famous cricketers play in it each year.

IPL Teams List for 2023

As far as we can tell, the IPL 2023 team list states that there will be a total of 10 teams competing, up from the previous 8 teams. Thus, we are providing you with the IPL 2023 team list. In addition to giving you the list, we also want to make it clear that the IPL 2023 will feature a total of 74 matches. And it will end with a final game that will be played in India.

IPL Teams List for 2023
Teams List Teams Captain List
Rajasthan Royals ( RR) Sanju Samson
Chennai Super Kings ( CSK) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Mumbai Indians ( MI) Rohit Sharma
Punjab Kings ( PBSK) Mayank Agrawal
Delhi Capitals ( DC) Rishabh Pant
Kolkata Knight Riders ( KKR) Shreyas Iyer
Royal Challengers Bangalore ( RCB) Faf Du Plassis
Sunrise Hyderabad ( SRH) Kane Williamson
Gujarat Titans ( GT) Hardik Pandya
Lucknow Super Joints (LSG) KL Rahul

IPL Groups 2023

The Indian Premier League’s 2023 campaign is about to get underway. Each IPL team will play six matches during the regular season and two playoff games. The teams will be split into four groups for the season. The first two teams from each group will meet off in a round-robin style, with the top team advancing to the knockout phases of the competition. A two-legged final between the top two teams from each group will take place, with the victor advancing to the tournament’s semifinals.

IPL Match/Start Date for 2023

According to unofficial reports, the Indian Premier League, or IPL 2023, is anticipated to start on April 1 and end on June 4, 2023. The IPL 2023 will commence on March 20, 2024, as confirmed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). To discover more about it, keep reading.

Date Match Centre Time (IST)
01 April 2023 GT vs RR 7:30 PM
02 April 2023 DC vs MI 3:30 PM
02 April 2023 PBKS vs RCB 7:30 PM
03 April 2023 CSK vs LSG 7:30 PM
04 April 2023 SRH vs KKR 7:30 PM
05 April 2023 RCB vs KKR 7:30 PM
06 April 2023 LSG vs CSK 7:30 PM
07 April 2023 KKR vs PBKS 7:30 PM
08 April 2023 MI vs RR 3:30 PM
08 April 2023 GT vs DC 7:30 PM
09 April 2023 CSK vs PBKS 7:30 PM
10 April 2023 SRH vs LSG 7:30 PM
11 April 2023 RR vs RCB 7:30 PM
12 April 2023 KKR vs MI 7:30 PM
13 April 2023 LSG vs DC 7:30 PM
14 April 2023 PBKS vs GT 7:30 PM
15 April 2023 CSK vs SRH 3:30 PM
15 April 2023 RCB vs MI 7:30 PM
16 April 2023 KKR vs DC 3:30 PM
16 April 2023 RR vs LSG 7:30 PM
17 April 2023 SRH vs GT 7:30 PM
18 April 2023 CSK vs RCB 7:30 PM
19 April 2023 MI vs PBKS 7:30 PM
20 April 2023 RR vs GT 7:30 PM
21 April 2023 SRH vs KKR 7:30 PM
22 April 2023 MI vs LSG 3:30 PM
22 April 2023 DC vs RCB 7:30 PM
23 April 2023 PBKS vs SRH 3:30 PM
23 April 2023 GT vs CSK 7:30 PM
24 April 2023 RR vs KKR 7:30 PM
25 April 2023 LSG vs RCB 7:30 PM
26 April 2023 DC vs PBKS 7:30 PM
27 April 2023 MI vs CSK 7:30 PM
28 April 2023 DC vs RR 7:30 PM
29 April 2023 KKR vs GJ 3:30 PM
29 April 2023 RCB vs SRH 7:30 PM
30 April 2023 LSG vs MI 7:30 PM
01 May 2023 PBKS vs CSK 7:30 PM
02 May 2023 RCB vs RR 7:30 PM
03 May 2023 GT vs SRH 7:30 PM
04 May 2023 DC vs KKR 7:30 PM
05 May 2023 PBKS vs LSG 7:30 PM
06 May 2023 GT vs RCB 3:30 PM
06 May 2023 RR vs MI 7:30 PM
07 May 2023 DC vs LSG 3:30 PM
07 May 2023 SRH vs CSK 7:30 PM
08 May 2023 KKR vs RR 7:30 PM
09 May 2023 GT vs PBKS 7:30 PM
10 May 2023 RCB vs CSK 7:30 PM
11 May 2023 DC vs SRH 7:30 PM
12 May 2023 GT vs MI 7:30 PM
13 May 2023 PBKS vs RR 3:30 PM
13 May 2023 LSG vs KKR 7:30 PM
14 May 2023 SRH vs RCB 3:30 PM
14 May 2023 CSK vs DC 7:30:PM
15 May 2023 MI vs KKR 7:30 PM
16 May 2023 LSG vs GT 7:30 PM
17 May 2023 RR vs DC 7:30 PM
18 May 2023 CSK vs MI 7:30 PM
19 May 2023 RCB vs PBKS 7:30 PM
20 May 2023 KKR vs SRH 7:30 PM
21 May 2023 CSK vs GT 3:30 PM
21 May 2023 LSG vs RR 7:30 PM
22 May 2023 PBKS vs DC 7:30 PM
23 May 2023 MI vs SRH 7:30 PM
24 May 2023 KKR vs LSG 7:30 PM
25 May 2023 RCB vs GT 7:30 PM
26 May 2023 RR vs CSK 7:30 PM
27 May 2023 MI vs DC 7:30 PM
28 May 2023 SRH vs PBKS 7:30 PM
4 June 2023 FINAL 7:30 PM

Date of IPL 2023 Auction

A well-known cricket league in every country is the Indian Premier League (IPL). The league, which features teams from numerous Indian cities, has become as a must-see occasion for cricket enthusiasts. The IPL will resume play in 2023 for its twentieth season. There will be an auction for the 10 teams. Teams will be revealed right away, and the first game of the season will be played on March 20, 2023.

The IPH team, one of the most well-liked in the IPL right now, is anticipating another prosperous campaign. So make sure to see all the action when the league returns in 2023. We believe that the IPL 2023 Auction will be televised separately on both television and digital platforms in this circumstance, with viewers able to watch the list of retention and the auction on Viacom 18 on Star Sports and Digital.

How Can I Get The 2023 IPL Schedule PDF?

  • Cricket enthusiasts in India and around the world can benefit from the IPL schedule 2023 PDF.
  • It offers information on the league as well as match dates, team lists, first match schedules, and more.
  • The schedule contains details such match times, stadium names, and seating capacities.
  • To select the ideal place for your favourite team, you can download venue-wise leaders for each stadium.
  • Be remember to have the schedule 2023 PDF with you when making travel arrangements to watch Indian Premier League cricket matches.
  • You can do this to save time and money while still taking in the action from the convenience of your house or place of business.

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