Karnataka Crop loan waiver 2023 Scheme CLWS Status Report at clws.karnataka.gov.in

Karnataka Crop loan waiver: The official website clws.karnataka.gov.in provides access to the Karnataka Farm Loan Waiver List, Citizen Payment Certificate for Banks / PACS, and Payment & Loan Status Report. The Karnataka government has already published the list of beneficiaries for the Crop Loan Waiver Program (CLWS) for 2023, where any farmer can now discover their name. With your Aadhar number and Ration Card number, you can check the status of all payments and loans.

2023 Karnataka Crop Loan Waiver Program

The state government will almost completely waive a loan worth 200000 rupees under the Agricultural Loan Waiver scheme. The Karnataka government has taken the plan into consideration to better the situation of farmers who live in the state. The Karnataka State Government fully launched the programme, and it would also be responsible for shouldering the burden placed on the federal government by the cancellation of the farmers’ loans of Rupees 2000,000.

Overview of the Karnataka Crop Loan Waiver List

Overview of the Karnataka Crop Loan Waiver List
Name of the Scheme Karnataka Crop loan waiver Scheme 2023
Launched by The State Government of Karnataka
Worked under The Government of Karnataka State
Benefits of this scheme To wave off the crop loans
Amount decided as maximum loan up to 2 lakh Rupees
Article Title Karnataka Crop loan waiver Scheme 2023 – CLWS Status Report
Beneficiaries under scheme The Small and Marginal Farmers of Karnataka state
Category Loan
Official Website http://clws.karnataka.gov.in

Qualifying for Crop Loan Waiver in Karnataka

There have four options decided for the beneficiaries such as :

  1. For Commercial Bank
    • CLWS Bank Reports
    • Bank Manager Login
    • Login for Bank Deo
    • Bank Fsd Login ( as district-wise)
    • Branch-wise Payment certificate for crop loan waiver
  1. For Citizens
    • For Pacs the certificate for Citizen payments
    • Citizen Payment certificate for banks
    • Individual Loanee Report
  1. For Cooperative Bank
    • Arcs Login
    • Pacs Login
    • Taluk Cdo Login
    • Pacs fsd login (as district-wise)
    • Clws pacs reports
    • Dcc Taluk manager login
    • Pacs wise payment certificate for crop loan waiver
  1. For Nadakacheri
    • Citizen pacs payment certificate
    • Bank fsd login ( as district wise)
    • Citizen payment certificate through banks
    • TLC fsd login
    • TLC pacs mismatch reports
    • Services for the committee of Taluk
    • pacs mismatch verification login
    • Taluk level bank verification login for the mismatch.

The 2023 Karnataka CLWS Feature List

The primary goal of this strategy is to lessen the financial strain on farmers. And they are stress-free and free to concentrate on the crops. Many farmers have joined the programme since it began in 2018. Also, they have requested federal assistance. The Karnataka Crop Loan Waiver Yojana 2023 allows them to assist their family as well.

Characteristics of this Yojana include:

  • Initially, money was provided to banks: The state of Karnataka paid roughly 34 thousand crore rupees to cover loan payments for the state’s needy farmers. As a result, farmers will have less work to do.
  • Then Increase in Product Cess: According to the plan, it was decided in the budget that candidates would be required to pay a power consumption tax of up to 9%. However it was just 6% prior to this plan. In addition to those, the scheme also includes other requirements.
  • Development of Karnataka farmers: Thanks to this programme, the government has been assisting farmers in inspiring them to farm. As a result, it is necessary to develop both the state and farmers.
  • Boosting non-defaulters’ morale
  • Amount that will be waived under the plan.
  • Also, it lowers state government spending.
  • The excise charge has also been raised by the government.
  • This plan also regulates state government spending.
  • Following that, farmers also received their certificates for debt waivers.

Qualifying for Karnataka Crop Loans in 2023

To date, 17.32 lakh agricultural labourers have been counted as overall beneficiaries of the programme. These beneficiaries received assistance under the loan waiver programme.

Moreover, you may find the qualifications for our buddies here:

  • The applicant must initially come from a farming background.
  • Second, the farmer must have a permanent address in the state of Karnataka.
  • Farmers who have taken out loans totaling up to $25,000 or less must thereafter be eligible for the program’s advantages.
  • Additionally, under this programme, only farmers who are in dire financial straits may apply.
  • For this yojana, applicants who have not paid the loan balance due to poverty are eligible.
  • Government personnel, however, are not qualified for the aforementioned programme.
  • Loans should be obtained from either government or cooperative banks, depending on the applicant.

Required Documents

  • Domicile Certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Account details
  • Credit-related pages
  • Farmers Registration documents

How to See the List of Crop Loan Waivers in Karnataka

You should follow the straightforward instructions below to check the status of your loan waiver. –

  • Go to the official website, clws.karnataka.gov.in, first.
  • Choose “Services For Citizen” from the drop-down menu on the home page.
  • You have three choices after selecting the Services for Citizens section.
  • Choose the option to see the Individual Loan Report to check the status.
  • When you click on it, a new window containing the necessary information will be shown.
  • With an Aadhaar card or even a ration card, you may check the status.
  • Insert the valid Ration Card or Aadhar number in the format required.
  • Choose Fetch Report from the menu.
  • Your report will be shown on the screen as a result.

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