Super Top Up Health Plan Benefits, Features, Buy & Review

Super Top Up Health Plan: Top-up health insurance policies provide additional coverage for you and your family in the case of a medical emergency. These plans assist you if your present health insurance policy is unable to pay for your medical bills. Or, to put it another way, they are useful when the basic threshold limit of your current health plan is reached. These only apply to a single hospital stay, though.

Consider your $1,000 in health insurance, for example. 5 lakhs. You know that as you get older and the expense of healthcare facilities goes up, it won’t be enough to cover a medical emergency in the future. Instead of buying a new health policy or updating your current health plan, you may just get a top-up plan that will improve your coverage without costing you a lot of money.

Enhanced Health Plan

A top-up health insurance plan is comparable to a super top-up health insurance plan. The benefits are greater than those of a top-up plan, though, as the term “super” implies. A super top-up health insurance policy pays for medical costs that exceed the policy’s coverage maximum. After the money insured under your regular health insurance policy has been used up or you have paid the charges yourself up to the deductible, only then will it cover hospital fees. In contrast to a top-up plan, which only pays expenses beyond the limit once a year, a super-top up plan pays several claims over the policy maximum throughout the course of the year.

You might require health insurance nowadays that offers a bigger total insured amount than a typical coverage. Consider acquiring super top-up health insurance to receive more coverage if you believe your existing health insurance coverage is insufficient to satisfy your demands. It assists you in covering additional medical bills if your present insurance is no longer sufficient. Once you have paid your deductible, you can move on to the next stage.

Details of the Super Top Up Health Plan

Details of the Super Top Up Health Plan
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Super Top Up Health Plan: What Is It?

A super top-up health plan will pay the full cost of a hospital stay, up to a particular sum above the deductible. This top-up plan covers all expenses, unlike a standard top-up plan, which only pays for specific claims over the deductible.

The super top-up policy will cover medical expenses above Rs 3 lakh, for example, if you have a Super top-up plan with a deductible limit of Rs 3 lakh and a deductible amount of Rs 10 lakh. This deductible can be covered by your current health plan, and the super top-up insurer can pay the remaining cost.

A Super Top Up Health Plan is for whom?

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make is health insurance. It can assist you in paying for hospital stays, surgeries, and other medical operations in addition to safeguarding you financially in the case of disease. It’s crucial to have a range of health insurance options available to you because of this. We’ll talk about who should purchase a super top-up health plan in this article: those who are already well-covered by their regular health insurance or those who want to add more coverage?

Super-top-up plans can be purchased for a variety of beneficial reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • Parents and older adults (over 60): The premium increases together with the insured’s ageing. A super top-up policy’s price can be considerably lowered. The deductibles must be paid out of cash by you or through your employer’s health plan, which is the main negative.
  • In the case that your sum insured is insufficient, purchase a Super top-up health plan to supplement your employer’s health insurance. With a super top-up plan, you may expand your coverage without having to pay as much as you would with a typical health plan!
  • If the coverage you currently have is insufficient If you feel that the sum insured and advantages of your current Mediclaim policy are insufficient and have limitations, a super top up plan can extend your coverage without the inconvenience of purchasing or moving to a new comprehensive health plan.

Super Top Up Health Plan Characteristics and Benefits

You should be knowledgeable with the features and advantages of a super top-up health insurance plan whether you have health insurance or not. These plans provide you with a number of added advantages, such as access to specialty care and drug discounts. Please continue reading to learn more about super top-up health insurance plans as we’ve compiled a list of the key points you should be aware of.

A super top-up medical policy has the following qualities and advantages:

  • covers treatment for the coronavirus pandemic In addition to other ailments, super top-up medical insurance are made to cover the cost of treating the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Pay Deductibles Once: With this type of insurance, the deductible is only required to be paid once, and several claims may be made using it throughout the policy’s duration.
  • Flexible: You are free to choose any deductible amount based on the scope of your coverage and the terms of your current plan.
  • Increased Amount Insured: You can extend your coverage past the limits of your employer’s plan for a reduced price, guaranteeing that you’ll never be underinsured.
  • Absence of benefits in the current plan: Many corporate policies do not offer benefits like Ayush treatment and critical sickness insurance, whereas your super top-up plan does.
  • Additional protection for seniors and parents: Seniors’ health insurance rates may be unreasonably exorbitant. Enrolling in a super top-up plan, however, will increase coverage for your parents at a lesser rate.
  • Extra tax savings: Like all other plans, a super top-up health plan allows you to save taxes on the premium you pay.
  • x Receive Treatment at Network Hospitals: Every hospital in the insurance company’s network will provide you with free care. You can also receive reimbursed for your expenses.

Differences between Top-up Health Plan and Super Top-up

You may not know the difference between a Super Top-up and a Top-up Health Plan if you’re like most people. Each of these plans provide you with advantages and safeguards, but there are some important differences that you should be aware of. Here is a brief tutorial to explain the distinctions between these two kind of health insurance.

Super Top Up Health Plan
Situations Top-up Health Insurance Plan Super Top Up Health Plan
Coverage covers a single claim up to the current threshold level for medical insurance. Similar, except they also cover medical expenses above the deductible and the insurance policy’s maximum. It pays for expenses that a top-up plan does not.
Policy ( Mr. Sharma has a policy of Rs 5 Lakh) In that instance, he is given a top-up plan for Rs. 10 lakh with Rs. 5 lakh in deductibles. If he purchases a Rs 10 lakh Super top-up policy with a Rs 5 lakh deductible,
In the event of a Single claim of Rs 12 lakh Rs 5 lakh is covered by the basic health plan. The remaining Rs 7 lakh above the deductible is covered by the top-up plan. Rs 5 lakh is covered by the basic health plan. The super top-up will cover the extra 7 lakh rupees above the deductible.
In the event of two claims of Rs 4 lakh each The second claim will be covered by your health insurance plan for Rs 4 lakh. The second claim will be covered by your health insurance plan for Rs 4 lakh.
In the event of a claim of Rs 7 lakh and Rs 4 lakh From the first claim, your health insurance will cover Rs 5 lakh, with the remaining Rs 2 lakh covered by the Top-up Plan for the first claim. Your policy will pay Rs 5 lakh for the first claim, and Super Top-up will pay Rs 2 lakh and Rs 4 lakh for the second claim, respectively.

Health Insurance Super Top-up Plans’ Covered Medical Costs

Want to buy a Super Top-up Health Insurance plan? If so, you’ll be relieved to learn that the majority of plans pay for medical costs. This covers the cost of getting medical care, having surgery, and buying prescription medication. Also, having medical insurance is usually a smart move in case of an emergency. You can make confident that you’ll be able to pay for any expenses associated with an illness or injury by doing this.

This type of insurance pays claims for all medical expenses incurred during the policy term that exceed the deductible, as contrast to normal top-up insurance, which only covers a single claim beyond the threshold amount.

  • All Inpatient Care: This covers the expenses related to the anesthesiologist, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and nurses. The price of diagnostic procedures, anaesthesia, surgical tools, blood, oxygen, drugs, and occupational therapy Expense of external implants like pacemakers and artificial body parts needed during the procedure: It covers expenses incurred before and during hospitalisation. Daycare expenses incurred during treatment that do not need a 24-hour hospital stay will be paid for.
    ICU Room Charge: Roadside ambulance fees: ICU expenses, nursing charges, and room rent are all paid for. It is one of the most fundamental facilities needed in the event of a medical emergency. The same cost is included in a super top-up plan.
  • Free Annual Health Exam: Medical costs for any annual exams may be claimed after a specific length of time has elapsed throughout the policy period.

What are Super Top-up Health Insurance Plans Excluding?

Super top-up health insurance policies are an excellent method to add to your current insurance coverage. They offer immediate coverage for medical costs above and above what you already pay in premiums. Unfortunately, some things are excluded from these plans’ coverage. We’ll mention five things in this post that aren’t typically covered. Before you choose to get a policy, we hope that this has made it clearer to you what these health insurance’s advantages and disadvantages are.

  • Medical expenses for the baby
  • Pre- and post-hospitalization expenses for organ donors
  • dental medical procedures, barring those that necessitate hospitalisation
  • Any lack of injury resulting from a war, resistance, hostile enemy displays, attack, threats, or other national or international strife.
  • medical procedures using plastics
  • Price of contact points, displays, or amplifiers
  • Innate diseases and the surgical implantation of an undifferentiated organism
  • misusing drugs or alcohol
  • treating sexually transmitted diseases
  • HIV/Treatment Aid
  • Immunization or vaccine, unless anticipated for a creature bite or as a part of the treatment, and dietary supplements, unless anticipated as a part of in-patient hospitalisation exploration drugs

How to submit a Super Top-up Health Plan claim?

Nobody recognises the value of health more than individuals who live with health issues on a daily basis. You may be interested in learning how to submit a claim if you’re not satisfied with your super top-up health plan. We’ll describe the procedure for submitting a claim and give you an idea of what to anticipate in this post.

  • Repayment Cases: In the event of hospitalisation, you should immediately inform the guarantor. Also, you can submit your case via email.
  • Instances involving credit-only medications – You should seek confirmation from a clinic run by a group. You can ask for the credit-only solicitation structure by presenting your e-wellness card to the medical clinic helpdesk.