Top 10 IPL catches History 2024

The top ten IPL catches ever – All ICC teams will remember 2023 since it will feature a number of significant series. The list of future cricket matches or competitions for 2023 includes a full description and other crucial details. The ICC has made FTP available to ensure a fair voyage for all teams. It gives each board a foundation so they can use the planned schedule of the series trip to make arrangements in advance with other countries. The full timetable schedule for each country is listed below.

In accordance with the Cricket FTP of the International Cricket Council, if a team is unable to travel to a particular nation for a bilateral series due to security considerations, the series may be moved to a neutral location with suitable facilities, such as the United Arab Emirates, with the consent of the boards of the participating teams. The Pakistan Cricket Team recently played a sizable portion of its domestic bilateral series on Emirates soil.

Top ten IPL catches of all time

The subject of the best fielding performances has come up again thanks to Chris Lynn’s amazing catch in the 2014 Indian Premier League. In his post, Nishad Pai Vaidya reviews some of the greatest catches in IPL history. Which catch in IPL history was the best? A few truly amazing ones that Cricket Nation discovered in the archives astounded the crowd.

Many international cricket players have used the Indian Premier League as a platform. Players have pulled off some incredible catches over the years to evict a powerful batter and secure the victory for their team.

The Top 10 Caught in IPL History, according to information 2024

Information on the Top 10 Caught in IPL History
 Event Name Top 10 Catches in IPL History
Player Name Rahul Dravid, Mahela Jayawardene, Jacques Kallis,
Ricky Ponting, Mark Waugh, Alastair Cook,
Stephen Fleming, Graeme Smith, Brian Lara, Ross Taylor
Teams MI, KKR, CSK, PBKS, LSG, Gujarat Titans, SRH, RCB, DC
Category Cricket
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The top five IPL catches in history

Rajasthan Royals at Mumbai Indians, Jofra Archer

In addition to winning games with the ball and making brief appearances with the bat, Archer also created a historic moment on the field, earning him the MVP title for the 2020 IPL. While still positioned at third man, Archer initially misunderstood the trajectory of the ball as it left Ishan Kashan’s bat and moved closer to the boundary. The England international began to turn back as he realised his error but instead sprung forward and extended his right hand. For some reason, the ball stuck, and Archer’s teammates covered their heads in shock.

The Pune Warriors and the Ajinkya Rehana-Rajasthan Royals of India compete.

Rehana was some distance away, but Botha had the foresight to turn and throw the ball to him as he took the catch and headed in the direction of the long-off boundary. Rehana made a straightforward catch as Botha’s throw found her perfectly to seal the dismissal. Ravi Jadeja and Faf du Plessis deserve special recognition for pulling off an equally impressive two-man catch at the 2020 competition.

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore, AB de Villiers

After putting up an effort that his captain, Virat Kohli, described as “freakish, Superman stuff,” AB de Villiers, who routinely makes appearances on “best of” lists, ranked third here. Nearly as amazing as the catch itself were his teammates’ responses, particularly Kohli’s rush to the ball after he finished the catch.

Chris Lynn: Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore

De Villiers makes another appearance on this list at number two, but this time he is the recipient—instead than the perpetrator—of a magnificent catch. De Villiers appeared to be adding at least four runs to his total when he ferociously pulled to the boundary between midwicket and long on. Such a situation appeared likely when Chris Lynn, the fielder chasing the ball, lost his balance. Lynn snatched the ball in midair, stabilised himself, arched his back, rotated his body to avoid the boundary rope, and successfully caught it. One of the best catches in IPL history, it was just a breath-taking effort.

Mumbai Indians vs. Rajasthan Royals with Kieron Pollard

Pollard’s attempt takes the #1 spot on our list since it essentially combines two jaw-dropping receptions. The Royals’ batsman Kevon Cooper may have thought he had enough on his hock to advance, but Pollard had other ideas. After pulling the ball out of the air and stumbling to within a centimetre of the rope, Pollard extended his right hand fully before tossing the ball back into play over his head. Pollard turned around and nearly fell over as he sprinted four steps to the ball and dove to grasp it with one hand. After a thorough examination of the catch by the third umpire, the best catch in IPL history was finally adjudged to be the best catch ever.

Table of the Top 10 Cricket Catches That Have Altered History’s Destiny

A vital catch that was made at the right time might be an example of this. Several amazing receptions that dramatically changed the game’s outcome and acted as pivotal turning points have been witnessed over the years.

Strong fielding performances are crucial for winning games, as players like Jonty Rhodes, AB de Villiers, and Ravindra Jadeja routinely show, and fielding is equally as important as batting and bowling. Teams are now focusing more on the players’ fitness levels and paying particular attention to the fielding component.

Top cricket catches in history 2024

  • Outstanding catch by Kapil Dev at the 1983 World Cup
  • Game-changing catch by Sreesanth during the 2007 T20 World Cup
  • Incredible catch by Ben Stokes at the 2019 World Cup
  • IPL 2014’s breath-taking catch by Chris Lynn
  • IPL 2014’s breathtaking catch by Kieron Pollard
  • IPL 2022’s one-handed miracle by Evin Lewis
  • Incredible catch by Harleen Deol versus England
  • the stunning catch by Smriti Mandhana against England

Table of Test Cricket’s Most Catches 2024

Table of Test Cricket’s Most Catches
Player  Matches  Catches Max Catch (innings)
Rahul Dravid(India) 165 210 3
Mahela Jayawardene(Sri Lanka) 149 205 4
Jacques Kallis(South Africa) 166 200 4
Ricky Ponting(Australia) 168 196 3
Mark Waugh(Australia) 128 181 4
Alastair Cook(England) 161 175 3
Stephen Fleming(New Zealand) 111 171 5
Graeme Smith (South Africa) 117 169 5
Brian Lara (West Indies) 131 164 4
Ross Taylor(New Zealand) 110 161 3

Top cricket catches in history 2024

India had set a goal of just 184 in a championship game against the formidable West Indies team in a 60-over match before Kapil Dev’s spectacular catch. As the squad sought to defend such a low total in the second innings, Kapil Dev made an outstanding catch moving back towards the boundary line to dismiss Viv Richards.

Sreesanth’s game – India and Pakistan, two enduring rivals, triumphed in the 2007 inaugural T20 World Cup.

Ben Stokes – Ben Stokes, who has a history of outstanding fielding play, made an amazing one-handed catch at the 2019 World Cup.

The Chris Lynn’s One of the most amazing game-changing catches in IPL history has to be Chris Lynn’s catch. KKR and RCB squared off in a league stage match of the 2014 IPL season.

Kieron Pollard – West Indian batsman Kevon Cooper attempted to hit a six off of Harbhajan Singh while playing for the Mumbai Indians against the Rajasthan Royals. Pollard reached out and grabbed the ball with one hand on the line. He jumped onto the field from outside the boundary and made an amazing grab.

Evin Lewis has produced a spectacular catch during the IPL 2022 season. The game changed at that time, and Lucknow went on to win.

Harleen Deol Over the years, there have been a lot of amazing catches in women’s cricket. The majority of these catches have been made by Indian women cricketers. One of them is the incredible fielding display by Harleen Deol in 2021 against England. She lost momentum as she approached the boundary line and threw the ball up before diving inside to complete the grab.

Smriti Mandhana Over the years, there have been a lot of amazing catches in women’s cricket. The majority of these catches have been made by Indian women cricketers. One of them is the incredible fielding display by Harleen Deol in 2021 against England. She lost momentum as she approached the boundary line and threw the ball up before diving inside to complete the grab.

Test cricket’s non-wicket keeper most catches 2024

Cricket’s fielding is an essential part of the game. A powerful fielder has the ability to alter the outcome of the game at any time. The fact that slip fielders make up the bulk of the players who have taken the most catches throughout testing is the most intriguing trait. Let’s look at the test cricket players who have taken the most catches but are not wicketkeepers.

  • Rahul Dravid
  • Mahela Jayawardene
  • Jacques Kallis
  • Ricky Ponting
  • Mark Waugh
  • Alastair Cook

Overview of the IPL Mega Auction 2024

Overview of the IPL Mega Auction
Category Player Price in IPL 2022 Auction Team
Most Expensive Player Ishan Kishan INR 15.25 crores MI
Most Expensive Batter Shreyas Iyer INR 12.25 crores KKR
Most Expensive Bowlers Deepak Chahar 14 crores CSK
Most Expensive All-rounder Liam Livingstone INR 11.5 crores PBKS
Most Expensive Wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan INR 15.25 crores MI
Most Expensive overseas player Liam Livingstone INR 11.5 crores PBKS
Most Expensive Uncapped player Avesh Khan INR 10 crores LSG
Most Expensive capped player Ishan Kishan INR 15.25 crores

These were just a few of the numerous game-changing catches we have seen over the years. It is also appropriate to highlight Paul Collingwood, Mohammad Kaif, AB de Villiers, Trent Boult, Dwayne Bravo, Suresh Raina, and more players. Whereas Fran Wilson and Jemimah Rodrigues are famed for producing incredible catches in women’s cricket. We’ve seen a number of incredible catches throughout the years where the fielders’ conviction and muscle memory were on full show, sometimes in less than a millisecond. Let’s examine the top 10 most amazing catches in cricket history in light of this.

Throughout the years, the adage “Catches win matches” has gained considerable notoriety, in part due to the game-changing exploits of superhuman fielders. A pioneer of field athletic excellence, Jonty Rhodes, dramatically influenced the outcomes of several games. Captains from all around the world rapidly started to take fielding and conditioning drills seriously as a result of Rhodes’ help in spreading the word.