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Top Education Loan Providers For Foreign Education 2023 – Education funds are required for more than merely attending higher education in India. It can even be required for studying abroad. Hence, if you wish to study abroad, you need first be aware of the cost. If you’re considering relocating abroad to pursue higher education, you’re probably trying to arrange a loan. One of the major obstacles can be raising money, yet there are given banks and NBFCs that assist candidates with raising money for their study abroad. We will inform you about the best education loans offered in India on this page. Here, we’ll talk about India’s private education fund providers as well as its public and government education fund providers.


Best Education Loan Providers In India 2023 For Study Abroad

In India, the Education Fund is viewed as a way to ensure a bright future. Indian parents are well renowned for devoting a sizeable portion of their income on student loans for their offspring. Yet, the price of higher education has dramatically increased recently, prompting many Candidates to shelve their ambitions for further study. Things started to become better for all of these Applicants who wanted to pursue higher education abroad but were concerned about loans with the creation of the education fund.

A number of lenders have emerged in India as a result of the rising popularity of education funds, offering a variety of programmes for candidates borrowers. It is only reasonable to become confused about which education fund to select given the abundance of lenders and loan plans. We’ll strive to clear up any misunderstandings in this blog and guide readers towards the finest banks for education funding. Thus, let’s get right to the debate. Leading Education Loan Awarded For Study Abroad In India 2023

Overview Of The Leading Education Fund Providers In India For Foreign Education 2023

Overview Of The Leading Education Fund Providers In India For Foreign Education 2023
Education Loan Terms Global Ed-Vantage Scheme
Loan amount range Above INR 7.5 lakhs -up to INR 1.5 Crore
Interest Rate 8.65% (effective ROI as of 19-02-2023)0.5% concession granted to female candidates

0.5% concession granted to Candidates availing of  Rinn Raksha Loan Insurance Scheme

Loan Margin Minimum 10%. Margin to be brought in on a year-on-year basis
Total Expenses covered by the education loan Tuition Fees, Living expenses, Study aid expenses, travel expenses, library fees, etc.
Moratorium period Average moratorium period comprises of the course duration + 6 months (can be extended to a year)
Category Current Affairs
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Why is a loan for study abroad advantageous?

When it comes to financing the Best Education Loan Offered For Overseas Education In India 2023, the family’s income and resources may not always be sufficient. In such circumstances, a candidate loan must be obtained from banks or non-banking financial institutions (NBFC). You can partially or fully finance your education costs with a Candidates loan. Hence, a study abroad education fund assures that university education is finished without any financial obstacles.

It is widely believed that Fund are a bad obligation. You are borrowing money for something whose worth will decline over time, according to this statement. Given that it is an investment in you, it differs from an international education fund. You are making an investment in your own higher education, which will aid in your job search. whereby you can make significantly more money than the credit limit.

What Bank Offers the Best Education Loans Abroad?

Lenders including public sector banks, private sector banks, non-banking financial corporations (NBFCs), and private Fintech companies make up the education credit market in India. Students must carefully analyze the various Fund schemes offered by these lenders in order to choose the finest Fund programme. Applicants must examine a few crucial factors associated to bank education funds in order to make their decision. The following are these issues:

  • When comparing student loans, the rate of return is a crucial factor because it has a significant impact on your overall loan return. While private banks offer education loans at a Return rate between 10.5% and 13.5%, public sector banks offer them at a Return rate between 8.5% and 10.5%. NBFCs frequently have higher return rates, ranging from 11% to 14.5%. According to the aforementioned figures, state banks offer the lowest rates of return, which are between 1% and 2.5% lower than those provided by private banks and NBFCs.
  • Processing Fees: When approving an education fund, lenders charge borrowers a processing fee. As comparison to private sector banks and NBFCs, public sector banks charge cheaper processing fees. In fact, a few public banks impose absolutely no processing fees. Banks like Bank of Baroda levy a processing fee that is refundable up to INR 10,000. SBI, on the other hand, charges a processing fee of INR 10,000 that is not refundable. Axis Bank is one of the private banks with the highest refundable processing cost of INR 10,000. Processing fees charged by NBFCs range from 40,000 to 80,000 INR.

Top Indian Banks for Education Credit (up to 75 Lakhs)

You must be given permission to receive education credit if you want to advance your education. In addition, not all banks that provide education loan products are created equally, despite the fact that many do. This blog post is devoted to reviewing the top five banks in India for education credit in order to assist you in making the best choice for your needs (up to 75 Lakhs).

Education Fund at HDFC Bank

The maximum loan amount is 20 lakh rupees.

Education funds are given by HDFC Bank for both domestic and international study. A maximum of Rs. 20 lakhs may be used as funding for studies in India.

In contrast, the Fund for Foreign Education provides unlimited coverage for all educational costs. Nonetheless, you must provide the bank with collateral in the form of a fixed deposit or real estate.

Rate of Interest
Scheme Rate of Interest
Education Fund for Indian Education 9.25% to 13.68%
Education Fund for Foreign Education 9.25% to 13.68%

The Fund is distributed directly to the institution based on the cost structure and is for a maximum of 15 years.

You will discover that HDFC Bank does not have an education fund plan specifically for skill development courses. For this reason, they advise using personal funds to pay for skill-development programmes.


  • Lower interest rates
  • Quick processing


  • 1% loan processing fee
  • Up to 4% prepayment charges (during the moratorium period)
  • Less loan for study in India

Education Loan from Axis Bank

Maximum Loan Limit: Rs. 75 Lakhs

There is only one plane in the Axis Bank education fund (starting from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75 Lakhs). Axis only provides funding for graduate or postgraduate studies for candidates who received a minimum of a 50% grade in their HSC or graduation.

Education loan amount
Education loan amount Rate of Interest
Up to Rs. 4 Lakhs 15.20%
Above Rs. 4 Lakhs to Rs. 7.5 Lakhs 14.70%
Above Rs. 7.5 Lakhs 13.70%


  • Processing a loan application quickly
  • Greater loan amount of up to 75,000
  • Processing costs are zero for loans under Rs. 10 lakh.


  • A high interest rate.
  • 15% of the loan’s value may be subject to a margin.
  • Penal interest of 24 % per annum for late payments.

Education Loan from Union Bank of India

Four different types of education loan programmes are offered by Union Bank of India:

  • Education Fund for International and Indian Courses
  • Foundation for Kisan Shiksha Suvidha’s Education
  • Education Fund for the Best Technical & Management Institutions (India)
  • Education Fund for Technical and Management Institutions at Tier II (India)

Regardless of the amount of the fund, Indian seekers for schooling do not pay any processing fees to Union Bank.

but requests life insurance coverage in an amount equal to the Fund Total. In order to obtain your college fund, you must purchase life insurance.

Education loan scheme
Education loan scheme Rate of Interest
Courses in India and abroad up to 10.05% depending on the quantum of loan
For Kisan Shiksha Suvidha up to 10.05% depending on the quantum of loan
For Premier Management & Technical institutions (India)Skill Development Courses 6.80%
For Tier II Management & Technical institutions (India) 8.55%


  • Zero processing fees.
  • lower interest rate of 0.5% for female students who qualify


  • Slow documentation and processing.
  • Required to purchase life insurance

Education Loan from IDBI Bank

Up to Rs. 20 Lakhs in loans are available for domestic studies, while Rs. 30 Lakhs are available for international education funds. You should examine IDBI Bank’s education Credit if you intend to obtain an education fund for government-approved courses, including those from the AICTE, UGC, ICMR, and job-oriented courses and technical diploma programmes.

For an education fund sum greater than Rs. 7.5 Lakhs, you must provide tangible collateral security; else, the return conditions can last up to 15 years.

Top Education Loan Providers
Top Education Loan Providers Rate of Interest
Education loan for non-vocational courses Up to Rs. 7.5 Lakhs – 8.40%
Above Rs. 7.5 Lakhs – 8.90%
Education loan for vocational / skill development courses For all amounts – 8.80%
Education loan for premier education institutes (including ISB) For all amounts – 6.90%


  • Loans to prestigious institutions have lower interest rates.
  • Processing costs for studying in India are NIL.
  • ZERO foreclosure fees


  • For a loan amount over 7.5 lakhs, tangible collateral is required at a ratio of 1.33 times.
  • processing loans slowly.

Education Loan from Avanse

No upper limit on need-based loans; maximum loan amount. Rs. 50,000 is the minimum required to study in India.

Warburg Pincus, a major global PE firm, owns 80% of Avanse. Avanse offers applications for a variety of educational funds, including Fund for –

  • Learn in India
  • international research
  • vocational education
  • Financial aid for e-learning and even school costs
Education loan scheme
Education loan scheme Rate of Interest
Education Fund for domestic and international studies Avanse base rate + spread.
Which can go up to 18%


  • Maximum loan amount of 100%
  • fewer documents and faster processing
  • Student loan for online schooling as well


  • High interest rates of 1% to 2% processing fees
  • In the first six months, prepayment is not permitted.

Top Education Loan Suppliers Banks in India for International Studies

It can be difficult to pick the best provider of student loans. It can be challenging to choose from among the various options available which one is best for you. We’ll provide you a list of the best school loan companies in India in this article if you’re a student wishing to pursue studies abroad. We’ll assist you in locating the best source for your needs, whether it be a government-backed programme or a private lender. Read on to learn more if you want to borrow money to pay for college or travel overseas.

Student Loan from State Bank of India

A maximum loan of Rs. 1.5 crores is permitted.

Under the SBI Global Ed-Vantage Plan, SBI offers up to Rs. 1.50 crores in educational funding for international study.

SBI also provides school loans with one of the lowest return rates available in India.

Top Education Loan Providers
Top Education Loan Providers Rate of Interest 
SBI Student loan Plan 9.30%
SBI Scholar Loan Plan 6.90% to 8.20%
SBI Skill loan Plan 8.80%
SBI Global Ed vantage Plan 9.30%


  • Low interest rate of up to 9.30% with no processing costs for amounts up to 20 lakhs
  • various lending programmes


  • 15% of the processing time is reserved for studying abroad.

Education Loan from Punjab National Bank

No maximum loan amount; repayment ability and margin are determining factors.

Education loan scheme
Education loan scheme Rate of Interest
PNB Saraswati Scheme up to 9.55%
PNB Udaan 9.55%
PNB Prathibha 6.90% to 7.55%
PNB Kaushal 8.30%
PNB Honhaar 8.95%


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