Top Longest Sixes In Cricket 2024

Cricket’s Top Longest Sixes Ever –In cricket, hitting sixes is the fastest way to score runs, and some players are naturally good at seizing the ball and gauging distances. There have been several instances in which players have used all of their might to send the ball well into the stands or occasionally outside the stadium, even though simply knocking the ball past the boundary line is considered to be a six. Pakistan’s Shahidi Afridi, who hit a 153-meter six against South Africa on March 17, 2013, during the third One-Day International in Johannesburg, holds the unofficial record for the longest six in cricket history. Top Longest Sixes In Cricket

The largest six in cricket history was scored on the fourth ball of the 35th over. Shahidi Afridi hit Ryan McLaren for 12 runs in just four pitches. As the pressure increased, McLaren allowed two more runs before handing up the six. McLaren gave the former captain of Pakistan a length ball, which Afridi smashed over the roof of the stadium. In pursuit of the South African cricket team’s mammoth 344 total, Afridi, who previously held the record for the fastest ODI century, blasted 88 runs in just 48 balls. Pakistan lost the match, nonetheless, by a score of 34 runs.

Top Longest Sixes In Cricket for Length

As Brett Lee passed the rope by 143 metres, he broke the cricket record for the longest six. This happened during a Test match against the West Indies in 2005 at the Gaba. When facing Daren Powell, Brett Lee sent the ball over the roof of the bleachers into the practise nets outside the stadium. According to reports, the ball travelled about 135 metres. According to Brett Lee, if the ball is there to hit, they keep bowling short, and you try to have a crack at one, it just came off the middle. Simply put, it felt amazing. The other bullet almost killed me, but it missed my throat by a centimetre.

“When playing for the Victorian Bushrangers in a T20 final at the WACA in 2008, Aiden Blizzard struck the ball so hard that it went beyond the square leg boundary and travelled 130 metres. This is the biggest six-hit in domestic cricket. In the same year, while playing for Chennai in the Indian T20 League, Albie Markel blasted spinner Pragya Ojha for a thunderous six that travelled 124 metres outside the Cheuk stadium. In Dharamshala, while representing Punjab in the 2011 Indian T20 League, Australian opener Adam Gilchrist hit former South African seamer Charly Langeveldt for a six that travelled 122 metres over the boundary.

Cricket’s Top Longest Sixes Detail

Cricket’s Top Longest Sixes Detail
 Event Name Top Longest Sixes In Cricket History
DISTANCE 153 meters
Category Cricket
OPPONENT South Africa

The longest six ever in cricket

It makes sense why massive blockbusters excite crowds and create excitement for years to come. It’s intriguing to see how many former cricket players and analysts have claimed that such huge hits deserve extra appreciation. The accuracy and dependability of technologies, which are always being examined when measuring such distances, has prevented these arguments from ever holding any sway. It’s always entertaining to consider some of the most memorable moments in the history of the game, so let’s take a look at the longest sixes ever hit in international cricket.

Cricketers hitting amazing sixes one after another isn’t to everyone’s taste. We all remember Yuvraj Singh’s legendary six sixes in one over from the 2007 T20 World Cup and MS Dhoni’s final six from the 2011 World Cup. These two players now belong to the select fraternity of cricketers who have hit the longest sixes. In this blog post, we’ll quickly go over the record for the longest six in cricket history.

Top 10 Largest Six by Distance in Cricket

Top 10 Largest Six by Distance in Cricket
Rank Player Name Distance Country Played against Year
1 Shahid Afridi 153 meters Pakistan South Africa 2013
2 Brett Lee 143 meters Australia West Indies 2005
3 Martin Guptill 127 meters New Zealand South Africa 2012
4 Liam Livingstone 122 meters England Pakistan 2021
5 Corey Anderson 122 meters New Zealand India 2014
6 Mark Waugh 120 meters Australia New Zealand 1997
7 Yuvraj Singh 119 meters India Australia 2007
8 MS Dhoni 118 meters India New Zealand 2009
9 Shahid Afridi 118 meters Pakistan Australia 2005
10 Chris Gayle 116 meters West Indies India 2010

The longest sixes in cricket history are at the top of the list.

The 122-meter six of Simon O’Donnell –Former Australian cricketer Simon O’Donnell hit a six from 122 metres in a Sheffield Shield Tournament first-class match between Victoria and New South Wales in 1993 at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium.

Once, Albie Markel hit a 125. – while taking part in the Indian Premier League, metre six. Former South African all-rounder Albie Markel. Markel struck a delivery from Deccan Chargers spinner Pragya Ojha for a six over deep mid-wicket in 2008 while he was a member of the Chennai Super Kings.

The 122-meter six of Simon O’Donnell – Former Australian cricketer Simon O’Donnell hit a six from 122 metres in a Sheffield Shield Tournament first-class match between Victoria and New South Wales in 1993 at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium.

Once, Albie Markel hit a 125. –while taking part in the Indian Premier League. Former South African all-rounder Albie Markel. Markel struck a delivery from Deccan Chargers spinner Pragya Ojha for a six over deep mid-wicket in 2008 while he was a member of the Chennai Super Kings.

Brett Lee, 6 m tall –A 135-meter-tall quick bowler with specialisations in both batting and hitting is also well-known for his batting and hitting abilities, which can benefit the team later in the batting order. 2005 test match at the Gaba: Lee once defeated West Indies’ Darren Powell with a six from 130–135 metres. The soccer ball travelled far enough to land in the practise nets at the Gaba, which are located adjacent to the stadium’s parking lot.

Cricket’s longest six in history 10 greatest cricket sixes

The very popular cricket variation known as “sixes cricket” is played with a round ball and six players on each side. Sixes cricket is thought to have its roots in the Caribbean and has subsequently spread throughout the world. The ten longest sixes in cricket history are listed here.

112m MS DHONI – The massive six that MS Dhoni hit against Australia in a thrilling Commonwealth Bank Tri-Series encounter in 2011–12 is placed number 10 on this list. He hit it from 112 metres out. This is regarded as one of the biggest sixes in the history of international cricket because it was made in a life-or-death situation. India needed 12 runs off of 4 balls when “Captain Cool” smashed Clint McKay’s half volley over long-on. After losing the test series to Australia 4-0, the Indian team desperately needed a win to end the tour on a strong note. MS led India to their first series victory by 6 wickets with a score of 44* as captain.

TENDULKAR SACHIN: 112m –It’s long been known that The Master Blaster is a batter with a terrific straight drive and cover shot. Yet during the 2003 World Cup pool match against England, Sachin Tendulkar stunned the world with his enormously popular six off Andy Caddick at Kingsmead Durban. Tendulkar smacked Caddick’s fast bouncer over deep square leg and out of the stadium. The ball is believed to have travelled 112 metres, albeit this distance is not recorded in official records. After a pivotal 50-run performance from Sachin Tendulkar and Ashish Nehra’s miraculous 6/23, India prevailed by 82 runs. Master Blaster hit one of the longest sixes in cricket history.

113m, Martin Guttill – Watch Martin Guptill’s huge 113-meter six against Australia in the opening ODI of Australia’s 2016–17 tour of New Zealand in the video below. The ball touched the roof of Eden Park as Guptill blasted a full-length delivery outside off by Kane Richardson over long-on. Even the bowler watched in wonder as the New Zealand opener smashed the ball outside the stadium. Guptill, who scored 90 runs in 76 balls and was voted “Man of the Match,” helped New Zealand defeat their neighbours by 159 runs.

119m YUVRAJ SINGH –One of Yuvi’s longest sixes in cricket history is number seven on this list. Yuvraj Singh hit the longest six in cricket history off of Brett Lee, Australia’s fastest bowler, with a distance of 119 metres. The aggressive left-handed Indian batsman hit this six in the 2007 T20 World Cup semifinal in South Africa when it mattered the most. Lee sped his ball out of Kingsmead Stadium in Durban at 147.2 kph, and Yuvi deftly flicked it over the deep square leg. In excellent form, the Prince of Mohali scored an amazing 70 runs in just 30 balls. Yuvi’s heroics helped India defeat Australia by 15 runs and go to the T20 World Cup finals against Pakistan.

120m SHAHID AFRIDI –Shahid “Boom Boom” Afridi is recognised for his ability to knock the longest sixes. In the third One Day International of Pakistan’s 2013 tour of South Africa, Shahid Afridi blasted a huge six off a slower ball from South African pacer Ryan McLaren outside off stump, travelling 120 metres. The bowler had earlier bowled a no-ball, so Afridi made the most of the opportunity by launching a stunning six over long on. According to tradition, this six was 158 metres long. Nonetheless, this was recorded in the ICC record books as a 120-meter six. Afridi scored 88 points in just 48 balls, but Pakistan was unable to surpass South Africa’s 344 total points. The loss was by a 34-point margin.

The Top 10 Cricket Sixes in Length

CHRISTOPHER GAYLE: 120–125m –The fifth-place finisher on this list is Christopher Henry Gayle, a.k.a. “The Universe Boss,” for his memorable big six against Australia at the Oval in London during the 2009 ICC T20 World Cup. Gayle’s six was so enormous that it landed on London’s streets after leaving the stadium. The length of this six has not been quantified. The 6 is, however, estimated to be about 120–125 metres long. A second massive six of 103 metres came after this huge stroke. With just 25 balls remaining, the opening batsman from Jamaica led West Indies to a convincing 7-wicket victory with an amazing 88 runs in just 55 balls.

122m COREY ANDERSON –The strange six by Corey Anderson of 122 metres off Indian right-arm bowler Mohammed Shami is the next item on this list. India’s 2014 tour of New Zealand began with the first ODI. The fastest 100 in ODI history had just been attained by Corey Anderson, who was in excellent form. He hammered Shami’s length ball through square leg on the roof of McLean Park. Corey scored 68 runs off just 40 balls, earning him the title of “Man of the Match” with justifiable justification. India lost the match by 24 runs even after Virat Kohli’s outstanding 123(111) performance since they were unable to match New Zealand’s 292 total.

127m MARTIN GUPTILL –The third-place finisher is South African left-arm pacer Lonwabo Tsotsobe, who was surprised by Martin Guptill’s 127-meter run. It was the opening T20I of South Africa’s 2011–12 tour of New Zealand. Tsotsobe bowled a magnificent half-volley that, despite having just been demolished for a huge 103m, was smacked for a tremendous hit over deep mid-wicket. New Zealand won the match by a margin of six wickets because to Martin Guptill’s unbeaten 78.

130m SHAHID AFRIDI –Next on this for the second time is Shahid Afridi. The Pakistani “number changer” blasted a huge six at the gigantic WACA stadium in Perth that was about 130 metres long. The legendary Pakistani all-rounder struck Andrew Symond’s delicious full-length delivery with a strong blow-over long-on. This ended up being the second-longest six in cricket history. Afridi’s fast 30 in just 13 balls secured Pakistan a 3-wicket victory in the eighth ODI of the CB Tri-series in 2004–2005. In recognition of his all-around effort with bat and ball, Pakistani Abdul Razzaq was chosen Man of the Match. Razzaq added an unbroken 63 for his team while bowling an amazing 10 overs for 4/53.

Bret Lee: 143 metres–Neither Kieron Pollard nor Andre Russell. Surprisingly, Brett Lee, one of the world’s fastest “bowlers,” is ranked first on this list. In a test match, Binga smashed a big six against West Indies pace bowler Darren Powell. Lee began the batting order at position number 9, and later in the inning, he scored a crucial 47-run inning. The fast bowler from Australia hit Powell’s good-length delivery over deep midwicket and into the outer cricket nets. After the day of play at the Gabba was done, the cricket analysts in the studio measured the distance between the batting crease and the nets.

Historical sixes in cricket The game of cricket has always been lively and exhilarating. Bowlers are routinely slammed into the ground by players. Even a few of the sizes were extraordinary. Think about MS Dhoni‘s Six from the most recent IPL 2021, in which Ball exited the stadium and travelled on the main highway. Such incidents when players gave it their best may have happened regularly throughout cricket history. High sixes were frequently hit by powerful batters from the West Indies, India, or Australia.