Upcoming Nepali Movies 2023 Release Date, Star Cast, Director, Producer

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Upcoming Nepali Movies 2023: Check out the upcoming Nepali films that are set to hit the screens soon! This comprehensive list includes information on release dates, cast and crew, directors, financiers, platforms, budgets, box office collections, trailers, teasers, posters, first looks, and more. These highly anticipated Nepali movies are sure to captivate your attention and offer a range of genres from lighthearted family films to intense dramas. Don’t miss out on these exciting new additions to the Nepali cinema scene. Grab your popcorn, get ready to be entertained, and dive into the world of Nepali cinema!

Upcoming Nepali Movies 2023

As we are aware, Nepali filmmakers always strive to create responsible films that resonate with the audience. Directors aim to convey messages to society through their films, making Nepali movies socially relevant, familiar, reverent, dramatic, action-packed, and romantic. With approximately 50 movies released every year, we have compiled a comprehensive list of upcoming Nepali films, some of which are ready for release while others are still in pre-production.

If you’re looking for a great movie to watch this weekend, look no further! Our blog team has curated a diverse selection of upcoming Nepali movies, ranging from heartwarming family dramas to thrilling action-packed adventures. So whether you’re in the mood for a lighthearted watch or craving something with a bit more intensity, we have something for everyone!

Upcoming Nepali Movies 2023

Details of Upcoming Nepali Movies

Details of Upcoming Nepali Movies
Article Upcoming Nepali Movies 2023
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Exciting Nepali Movies to Look Forward To!

Nepali cinema has a special place in the hearts of movie lovers, known for its rich cultural heritage and captivating storytelling. If you’re a fan of Nepali movies, you’ll be thrilled to know about the upcoming releases that are sure to make a mark. Here’s a sneak peek at the most anticipated Nepali movies that you won’t want to miss!

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Nepali Movies to Look Forward
Film Name Release Date Star Cast Director Financer Budget Platforms
Chapali Height 3 2023 Swastima Khadka, Amir Gautam,
Supuspa Bhatt, Mahesh Tripathi,
Pratik Man Shrestha
Nikes Khadka Arjun Kumar Not Known Theatre
Jaar 2023 Geetanjali Thapa, Saugat Malla,
Anoop Bikram Shahi
Phurba Tshering Lama Anita Dey, LA-7 Shorts, Ajay Rai Not Known Theatre
Gulabi 2023 Najir Husen , Bishal Pahari Samundra Bhatta Samundra Bhatta Not Known Theatre
Bijuli Chapter 1 2023 Mukun Bhusal, Benisha Hamal, Kalu Rana Bikas Giri Luna KC Not Known Theatre
RUDANE 2023 Divya Dev, Namrata Shrestha, Ravi Giri,
Suvash Gajurel, Amber Subedi, Saroj Aryal,
Prasuna Dongol, Alok Thami, Namita Tamang
Amit Kishor Subedi, Bikash Dhakal Bhanu Bhakta Thapa Not Known Theatre
Neerphool 2023 Dayahang Rai, Rekha Thapa, Buddhi Tamang,
Shanti Waiba, Jigme Chhyoki Ghising,
Puskar Gurung, Rajan Khatiwada, Saroj Aryal,
Sarita Giri, Jiban Baral, Laxmi Bardewa,
Manas Raj, Roshan Fyuba
Phulman Bal Deepak Shrestha, Maya KC, Udaya Lama,
Chandramaya Lama, Dinesh Lamtari Magar,
Ajitman Tamang, Dijesh Shrestha,
Tenzin Sonam Lama, Roj Ngyangjo
Not Known Theatre
Wrong Destination 2023 Buddhi Tamang, Dhiren Shakya, Chhultim D Gurung,
Sugun Tandukar, Sanjay Thapa, Anamika Lamichane,
Dikesh, Raju & Sagar
Samrat Basnet Samaira Tandukar, Sarmila Lama Tandukar,
Sanjil Lama, Jitendra Karki
Not Known Theatre
Kohi Kina Barbad Hos 2023 TBA Tulasi Ghimire Neer Shah Not Known Theatre
Poi Paryo Budho 2023 Saugat Malla, Pooja Sharma, Dayhang Rai Dipendra Lama Kiran Nepali Not Known Theatre
Hidda Hiddai 2023 Aakash Shrestha, Salon Basnet, Bikash Thapa,
Rekha Shah
Milan Ale Magar Suman Kumar Thandukar Not Known Theatre
Revenge 2023 Roshan BC, Renu Thapa, Bishal Agrawal,
Preetika Sharma, Rabin Shree, Pusparaj Nepal,
Khagendra Ghimire, Maya Chahar, RJ Vilen
Shankar Adhikari “Ghayal” Aman Kumar Dev Not Known Theatre
Bar and Badhu 2023 Aanchal Sharma, Bibek Karmacharya, Bijaya Lama,
Ramesh Budhathoki, Rabindra Khadka, Buddhi Tamang,
Manoj KC, Dhruv Datt, Santosh Khanal
Milan Chams LRK Entertainment Not Known Theatre
Tulkee 2023 Shiseer Bangdel ‘Satwa’, Swostima Karki, Himali Hamal,
Ratna Prashad Neupane, Shekhar Lama, Saujan Subba,
Naren Tamang, Som Lama, Dirga Lama, Laxmi Devkota,
Bhakta singh Kathayat, Junu Karki, Ram Prashad Devkota,
Mahesh Limbu, Chandra Kathayat Ishwori Sevkota,
Bhagi Lal Pun, Kalu Magar, Sapana
Dev Jung Thapa R.P. Karmacharya, Shekhar Lama Not Known Theatre
Abhinna 2023 Karma Prashant Rasaily Dr. Bibhakar Shakya Not Known Theatre
DEV 2023 Raju Paudyal, Sangita Banmali, Dev Maharjan,
Ravi Khadka, Maya Chahar, Roshan BC,
Pratichhya Khadka, Kala Rai, Nanu Sunam,
Dash Bahadur Tamang, Motiram Thapa, Rajan Maharjan
Shankar Adhikari “Ghayal” Dharmendra Shahi Thakuri,
Mohan Gamal,
Yagya Raj Sedai
Not Known Theatre
Dori 2023 BirEndra SinGh KushWaha, Nutan, Anjila Shasankar,
Sid Singh, Saroj Lamichhane
Arun Lama Raj Thapa,
Chandra Thapa
Not Known Theatre
London to Paris 2023 Samragyi Rajyalakshmi Shah, Garima Sharma,
Nischal Khadka, Kabir Khadka
Ghanshyam Lamichhane Amit Basnet, Pari Rana,
Ajit Kumar Thapa
Not Known Theatre
Abhiyan 2023 Jaynanda Lama, Amar Tamang, Dawa Finjo Tamang,
Shyam Maya Tamang, Rasmila Tamang, Dinesh Koirala,
Ritesh Jung Chhetri, Dinesh Tamang, Puja Tamang,
Madan Rai, Krishna Kafle
Lakhman Yonjan Tamang Maina Ghising Not Known Theatre
X-Nine 2023 Anmol KC, Saugat Malla,
Pushpa Khadka
Mukunda Bhatta TBA Not Known Theatre
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Exciting Nepali Movies to Watch Out for in 2023!

Nepali cinema is renowned for its top-notch cinematography, impactful narratives, and poignant themes. Beloved by audiences and critics alike, Nepali movies have consistently captivated viewers, and 2023 promises to be no different. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 upcoming Nepali movies that are sure to leave you spellbound. Whether you’re a cinephile or not, make sure to mark your calendars and catch these must-watch films!

Nepali Movies to Watch Out for in 2023
Film Name Estimated Release date About Film Additional information
Neerphool Date not fixed. NEERPHOOL is a Forthcoming Nepali Film directed by Phulman Bal. Dayahang Rai is a lead actor of this Film. more detail and trailor
Wrong Destination Date not fixed. Wrong Destination is a Nepali Language Horror film directed by Samrat Basnet. Buddhi Tamang, Dhiren Shakya, Chhultim D Gurung are main actor starting in this film. This film is bankrolled by Samaira Tandukar and Sarmila Lama Tandukar. more detail and trailor
Jaar Date not fixed. Jaar is a forthcoming feature-length Nepali movie featuring Geetanjali Thapa, Saugat Malla, and Anoop Bikram Shahi. more detail and trailor
Rudane Date not fixed. Not Known more detail and trailor
Tulkee Date not fixed. Tulki, who lost her mother while being birthed in a Bramhin village of Lower Dolpa falls in love when she grows young; with Sangey who came to sell Herbs from Upper Dolpa. He has a father and Two big brothers in his house. Elder most brother is birthed with exceptional need (Dull) whereas the 2nd one, Chewang is conceited who is in love with his own aunt’s daughter Dolma. Due to the practice of Polygamy in that region, Tulki who was born in Bramhin family has to become the wife of 3 brothers. Chewang tries to clear his way to marry his beloved Dolma by keeping Sange and Tulki aside. more information and trailor
Haddi Date not fixed. Forthcoming Revenge Drama Film Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui in main character. more information and trailor
Pathaan Jan 25,2023 RAW Agent codenamed Pathaan takes on a menacing villain who is hell bent on ripping apart India’s security apparatus. more information and trailor
The Warriorr Dec 07,2023 When Satya raises his voice against Guru, the latter revolts and bashes the former to hell. more information and trailor