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Upcoming Turkish Movies 2023: Turkish films and series have gained worldwide fame due to their captivating storylines, exceptional acting performances, and cultural appeal. The export of Turkish TV shows has significantly contributed to Turkey’s economy, with reported earnings of up to 600 million US dollars in series exports this year, as stated by Şekib Avdagiç, the head of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, numerous countries are currently airing around 100 Turkish serials, showcasing their immense popularity. However, Turkish films should not be overlooked, as they are also gaining recognition among international film audiences.

With its rich culture and history, Turkey has been producing films for over 80 years, and the anticipation for upcoming Turkish movies is palpable. In this post, we will highlight five highly anticipated Turkish films that are set to be released soon. By the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of what to expect when watching these films!

Upcoming Turkish Movies to Keep an Eye On!

Turkey’s vibrant cinema scene is brimming with exciting releases scheduled for the near future. Ranging from historical dramas to hilarious comedies, these Turkish movies are sure to captivate audiences with their unique stories and engaging performances. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed adventures or heartwarming romantic comedies, there’s something for everyone in the lineup of upcoming Turkish films!

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Upcoming Turkish Movies

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Get Ready for the Upcoming Turkish Movies!

If you’re interested in watching exciting upcoming Turkish movies, you’ll be pleased to know that Turkish cinema is known for its global popularity and offers a diverse range of genres such as action movies, romantic comedies, and dramas. Below is a list of some of the most anticipated Turkish movies, along with a brief synopsis and review for each film.

  1. Bergen – A New Turkish Movie: This biographical drama about the famous Turkish singer “Bergen” who fights for women’s empowerment and speaks out against violence in the country, features a great performance by Farah Zeynep Abdullah as Bergen. The movie has received recognition in Middle Eastern countries such as KSA, UAE, Qatar, and Oman, and it is at the top of our list of upcoming Turkish movies.
  2. Miracle in Cell No. 7: This emotional drama movie revolves around the protagonist, Memo, who is falsely accused of murder and locked up in jail. Memo’s fellow inmates believe in his innocence, and the film depicts their heartwarming journey.
  3. Ayla: The Daughter of War: This critically acclaimed Turkish film depicts the tragic events of the Korean War in 1950 and tells the story of Sergeant Suleyman, who comes across a young girl who has been a victim of war and names her “Ayla.”
  4. The Mountain II: This action-packed sequel to “The Mountain” features the kidnapping of a journalist by the ISIS network and a daring rescue mission by a Turkish special forces squad led by Commander Veysel.
  5. Delibal: This romantic drama follows the story of Baris, an architecture student who falls in love with a free-spirited girl named Füsun. The movie features one of the most beloved Turkish actors, Çagatay Ulusoy.
  6. Paper Lives: This motivational drama follows the life of a man named Mehmet who collects recyclable waste in Istanbul’s streets and discovers a young boy who needs his help.
  7. The Miracle: This comedy, romance, and drama movie tells the story of a schoolteacher who arrives at a remote village and finds out that there is no school or educational institute. He develops a bond with the people living in the village and strives to build a school.
  8. Winter Sleep: This drama follows the life of Aydin, a retired actor who now runs a restaurant with his wife and divorced sister. The film discusses Aydin’s struggles within and outside his family.
  9. For Both of Us: This romantic drama features the story of two people, Ali and Hazal, who are trying to overcome their past and build a future together. The film stars Serenay Sarıkaya and Nejat İşler.